Publication Terms

1-You must register on the journal's website from Register link

2- Upload the forms from the site and fill them then resubmit them with the research,You must enter the research in the template attached to the forms.

3- Research papers submitted are subject to the scientific evaluation by field specialists.

4- The research paper has to be novel and not previously published or accepted for publication in another magazine.

5- The research paper should not exceed (16) pages size B5.

6. References must be in APA format And in English only.

7- Font size (13) font type (Sakkal Majalla),Lines of the paper should be single spaced And file type Word2010.

8- Footnotes, illustrations, figures, and tables are placed within the text at the appropriate points, rather than at the end..

9- An abstract in Arabic should be written at the beginning of the research and an abstract in English at the end of it with (250) word limit,and the keyword write after the abstract ,and References must be written in English.

10-The title of the researcher and the researcher's name shall be written on the first page of the research for the Arabic language. The English language shall include the name of the researcher and the title of the research with the abstract at the end of the research.

11- Copyrights and publication of the research would be transferred to the Journal once the researcher is notified that his research is accepted for publication.

12- Research papers, whether published or not, would not be returned to the researchers.

13- Research papers arrangement is subject to technical considerations.

14- Publication fees are 125,000 Iraqi dinars.

15- $150 is the publication fees for each research submitted by non-Iraqis.