Al-Academy Journal

• A quarterly journal issued by the College of Fine Arts / University of Baghdad

• Started to be published in 1971 and continues to be issued so far.

• The editorial board is supervised by an editor-in-chief, managing editor, And fifteen members of the editorial board. The editorial board is  panel of experts with diverse expertise who contribute to the development of long-term plans for academic publication in general, Academic special.

Aims and Scope

• The journal deals with academic research related to the aesthetic subject, which includes the fields of plastic arts, music, theater, cinema, design arts, calligraphy and decoration, as well as theoretical and applied research in the field of art education. 

The journal is archived at the National Library in Baghdad, Deposit No. 238 of 1976

The journal is supported  By College of Fine Arts / University of Baghdad

The journal uses an electronic plagiarism detection system (Turnitin) for all papers submitted for publication