Shifts of directorial vision in the Iraqi political theater

محمد عبدالرضا حسين-سهى طه سالم

  • Mohamed Abdel Reda Hussein
  • Suha Taha Salim


  The creative arts in general and theater in particular represent the impulse of the human being and his yearning for freedom, goodness and beauty, and the relationship between creativity and freedom has continued to fluctuate, following the pressures of censorship in its political, religious and social forms and forms. Since theater is the most creative arts that is close to and touches the problems of society in its various types and levels, and it still plays an enlightening role in shedding light and what societies suffer with crises and problems in the overall directions: political, religious, social, and its negative impact on the joints of life, as the current research aims: Access to the most important problems faced by the director in the Iraqi political theater. As for the research procedures, the research community included the presentations made by the National Representation Squad. 1999 in Al-Rashid Theater, as well as the performances that were presented on the stage of the National Theater in 2014. The researcher has chosen two models of Iraqi theater performances, which are the Musafir Zada Fantasy / 1999) and the play (Dreams of Cartoon / 2014). It was based on the descriptive approach in the analysis.