Aesthetics of color rhythm in the Guidance poster

خليف محمود خليف -معتز عناد غزوان

  • Khlieif Mahmood Khlieif
  • Mutaz Inad Ghazwa


The idea of rhythm is primarily related to movement as it is a frequency of movement on a regular basis that combines unity and change, and rhythm can be defined as a repetition of an element. The rhythm has a great role in the poster, especially the indicative poster that we today desperately need in light of the exacerbation of the Corona pandemic and its dangerous dimensions to the entire international community, as the current research sheds light on the aesthetics of the color rhythm in the indicative poster to confront the Corona pandemic.
The spread of this unknown and invisible horror occupied the world in the various tributaries of scientific and human knowledge until the person was now searching for effective medical solutions to end his existence on the one hand and to search for preventive ways of this disease on the other hand, but the matter was not easy in dealing with these two things, The preventive response was one of the most prominent challenges facing this deadly disease, and this necessitated that the designer stand in the face of the progress of this disease through the power of indicative design, especially the poster.