The concept of exoticism in designing commercial advertisements

يوسف مهدي سعيد -سحر علي سرحان

  • Youssef Mahdi Saeed
  • Sahar Ali Sarhan


  Exoticism was represented in the design in general and in the design of ads in particular with multiple images, propositions and creative forms that depart from the traditional and unusual framework to elevate the design to virtual worlds of thinking related to the imaginative and inspirational extent of the creative designer, which makes forms of exoticism a means of persuasion, astonishment, and fascination, achieving the functional and aesthetic goals of the advertisement.From the above, the researchers have identified the research inquiry, which is what is the concept of exoticism in designing commercial advertisements? They also set the goal of the research, which is the concept of exoticism in designing commercial advertisements. The researchers also identified exoticism as a search term. This is what was included in the first chapter, while the second chapter was devoted to the theoretical framework, including subjects in the first topic of the concept of exoticism in art, and the concept of exoticism in design, as the second topic included advertising production and exoticism.While the third chapter dealt with the research procedures and the analysis of a number of samples for a number of commercial advertisements for the Pepsi-Cola Company for the year 2017, and the outcome of the research community samples after the survey carried out by the researchers in the relevant sites reached (12) commercial advertisements, the search samples were chosen intentionally and non-t probability and by (3) models and by 25% of the research community.
Among the most important conclusions that emerged from the research:
1- The exoticism of commercial advertising design has acquired several characteristics, including utilitarian, aesthetic, expressive features and astonishment, and persuasion.
2- Exoticism formed the presence and interactivity with the recipient in the design of the commercial, which led to stir his emotions and prompted him to achieve his response.