Using Digital Technology To Shaping Space of Theatre Show

ثامر طه عبد علي



The current research was discussed to introduce to use and functioning digital technology to shaping space of theatre show. The researcher set out from extremely significance of digital technology, its works to shape contemporary theatre show as it is art , beauty , thoughtful and technical modern means to convey the thoughts or targets in integral , besides to its linking closely with creative directing view and originality designing . And it presents various models have multiple markers as regard to stirring and propulsion for wheels of relations that are represented by clarify forms of scenography , drama conflicts according to many intentions of directors and designers . Such as the digital technology consists of many devices , forms of means and equipment which are operated by dual system which is consisted of ( 0 – 10 ) . The computer is considered as the main technical system that is divided into many of techniques , digital devices that are related to theatre show and the most significant of them are apparatus of digital alternative