Prohibited Editing and transition technology in single-shot movies, "1917 Film as a model”

محمد عبد الجبار كاظم-عذراء محمد حسن

  • Mohammed Abdulgebbar kadum
  • Athraa Mohammed Hasan


  The term of (prohibited editing) created by the French critic (Andre Bazin) as a method in dealing with films that depend on photography, mezzanine, and depth of field, as well as the free movement of shooting without stopping in the environment of events, likewise no montage as much as possible.The montage that spoils our focus, distracts attention and it may make the film departs from realism, as Andrei Pazen said in theories of photography. Based on this, the art of the film aims to make the events of film in one long shot without editing, this style approaches to Realistic Cinema. This study dealt with films that completed without montage or cutting, and they are continuous as a single-shot film. One of those films is the (1917) which was produced in the same year of Corona virus epidemic in 2019.
The study ended with some of results, including the determination of the technique adopted in the transfer between the shots. This method helped create the feeling that the film appears as one shot. This technique is achieved through (Masking Transition, Speed Camera Movement, CGI and VFX, Overlap, Fade and Plot).