Formal Formation and its Semantic Projections in the Design Interior Spaces of the Daily newspapers Buildings

آراء عبد الكريم حسين

  • Araa Abdalkarem Husaen College of Fine Arts. University of Baghdad
Keywords: formation- form – connotation


The research deals with the topic of (formal formation and its semantic projections in the design interior spaces of daily newspapers buildings) including the research problem summarized by the following question: (does the formal formation do a semantic role in the design of the interior spaces?). The research objective has been evident in discovering strong and weak points in the formal formations and their semantic projections in the design of the interior spaces for the daily newspapers buildings, reaching at the best design foundations, and shedding light on the cognitive and scientific importance of the research, and the objective, temporal and spatial limits in addition to identifying the terms. The theoretical framework includes two sections:
1- The first section: the formal formation- the concept and the connotation
2- The second section: the design requirements for the interior spaces.
The research procedures and methodology adopted the descriptive scientific method in the analysis. The intentional sample has been chosen from the research community. The research tool is represented by adopting the analysis axes form for the sake of describing and analyzing the intentional sample, in order to reach at the results and conclusions that achieve the research objective, let alone the design foundations and general suggestions and recommendations.