Spatial transformations and visual construction in the contemporary theater


  • jasim kadim
  • kadim omran mosa



The current research deals with the subject of spatial transformations and visual construction in contemporary theater. How the visual system works to create spatial diversity in the contemporary Iraqi theater performance and how visual construction contributes to a spatial development process capable of building a tourism system that creates an architectural architecture that leaves the topography of the scriptural architecture. And the production of various indications and patterns in the scene of theatrical presentation in order to produce the new foundational meaning by creating a new structure that leads to diversity and diversity in the visual system and the beginning of visual constructions and their applications. Knowledge and technology in the development of spatial formats and get new spatial values, combined search display problem and objective research and identify terms.

Then two topic subjects:

The first topic: the concept of visual construction

The second topic: spatial spatial and visual work

The researcher used the descriptive approach in the analysis of the research sample and the theatrical presentation (Dream in Baghdad).

Then came the results of the research and the conclusions of the research. The most important conclusions of the research:

The establishment of a place for an event is through textual values ​​derived from the text code, and animated text values ​​in the visual construction space, which is instrumental in creating diversity and spatial diversity.

Then a list of margins, sources, and a search summary in English







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