The hypothesis of aesthetic presence of the character of the role in the performance of the theater actor

يــاسين إسماعيل خلـف

  • Yassen Ismael Khalaf


The present research monitors the mechanisms of forming the performance system of the theater actor (vocal and kinetic) through a natural study and the form of their relations, and levels of their construction in line with the aesthetic hypothesis of the theatrical presentation according to the identification of what is natural, physical (physiological including the hypothetical (aesthetic) philosophical and artistic, and through the set of tools An expression of what is physical, organic (physiologic) and what can be described as (ethereal) , through which the creative actor seeks not to repeat the image of the object and material according to the image of nature, in favor of a new aesthetic reproduction governed by a set of functional relationships formed according to the characteristics and attributes (philosophical And technical) unique to the artistic p Reality (natural and functional was due) . etic between the presence of the body of the natural representative (physiological) and his artistic and philosophical (cultural) as an effective scientific function, has concluded the research for the following main results.