The aesthetics of employing digital sound effects in animated films

سامر طه سالم

  • Samer Taha Salem


Digital technology has deepened when it entered the world of cinema production with the ability of the cinematographic medium to implement various topics and with great accuracy. As the development included all the joints and stages of film production, be it a feature film or an animated film. So the process of making the film using digital technologies expresses the spirit of the times and the development that humankind has reached, that the work of digital technologies is one of the effects of the researcher in determining the research topic that combines digital sound effects and animation films under the title: (Aesthetics of using the digital sound effect in Animated films).The researcher divided the research into five chapters, as follows:(Methodological framework): The research problem, which was included in the following question, includes the aesthetics of employing the digital sound effect in animated films? The importance of research and the need for it, the objectives of the research, its limitations, and the definition of terms.(Theoretical framework): which included two topics, as follows:The first topic: - Digital sound effects: a historical introduction: which included everything related to sound effects, their origin, methods of employment and technological development according to the methods used in the structure of the sound effect. The second topic: - Dramatic construction of animated films: which included the dramatic construction of animated films. Then the researcher reached a number of indicators that represent the results of the theoretical framework.(Research procedures): - Which contains the research methodology, the research community, the research sample and the analysis tools, as well as the validity of the sample.(Sample Analysis): The researcher analyzed the intention sample, which is the animation film (Wall-E). Directed by Andrew Stanton.(Results and conclusions): It includes highlighting the results reached by the research, which are:
The digital sound effects form a clear aesthetic addition in the animated films by expressing the spatial environment with all its subtle details. As it appeared in the movie (Wall-E).
Then the researcher wrote the conclusions, recommendations and proposals. The research was concluded with a list of sources and appendices.