Symbolism in architecture and the arts of holy shrines

صادق هاشم حسن الموسوي

  • Sadiq Hashem Hassan al-Musawi


The current research is interested in studying the symbol, because of its great role in the architecture and arts of sacred shrines, according to their architectural and artistic style. As it reveals the symbolic and philosophical connotations inside these thresholds. And regarding the importance of the subject of the symbol, God referred to his majesty in the Holy Qur’an to him and said (Lord said: Give me a sign, He said: Do you not speak to people for three days, except for a symbol and remember your Lord?) The research will include two axes dealing with symbol and symbolism in its linguistic and idiomatic aspect, and then dealing with the historical aspect of it as an establishment and the philosophers and scholars saw it. Then it deals with the subject of symbolism and the symbolic school in arts in general and Islamic arts in particular, up to how to use the symbol in the arts and architecture of sacred thresholds, adopting the descriptive and analytical method in the completion of this research, knowing that the spatial boundaries will be the Alawite, Husseiniyya and Abbasid thresholds in Iraq and the radial threshold in Iran. Al-Zamani, the researcher will address multiple periods that add to the research and its methodology a nature of scientific realism.