Identity Features And Strategies In Industrial Product Design

وليد محمد مهدي عيسى

  • waleed Mohammed Mahdi ministry of education


The research discussed the role of the Interlinks between product features and individual identity of used trade mark starting from reviewing identity concepts in general design issues and the identity from industrial design point of view . And clarify the role of features in defining the individual identity of the product in a way that allows the user to adopt it to be representative of its individual identity, starting from defining the importance of identity in being characterized by three basic elements: product innovation from the user’s point of view, consideration of the user environment and design language methodology .
The identification of the characteristics of the identity in the industrial product stemming from classification, characterization and evaluation, and then reviewing the areas of identification of the industrial product and the sensory features of the product identity. The research reached several strategies in forming industrial product identity such as : in representing individual identity strategy in applying each single element produced by a company or separate design on every product line. The reason is that the company used single design in focusing on sales and single personality and images by giving priority for the product to reflect the reputation of the company .
When the user's reputation is not related to product acceptance, this design strategy is applied , that he preference in focusing on awareness of the product will increase the market share in the product and increase the user's appetite for him to adopt his features to be a sign of it . other one represented by the differences of design strategies according to group size or product pattern . but the main purpose is the concentration on product development in any time and controlling the management of the product image and the company in order to create distinguish identity for the product expressing the institution point of view and the user can adopt it to express him