The body language and significance of the actor in the Iraqi theater show

نوار علي محمد

  • Nawar Ali Muhammad


The theatrical performance has gone through many variables، and the actor was the most important element in all theatrical performances since the first launch of the acting art of the Greeks to this day. The actor and the audience in the theatrical presentation. The actor’s body had a special language. It has different connotations. The communication between the actor and the audience is different in the theatrical presentation. The research title was the body language of the actor and its implications in the Iraqi theater shows. The research included four axes: (the methodological framework)، which consists of the research problem، the need for it، the importance of the research، and the goals of the search، then defining the search terms.
As for (the systematic framework)، it includes two topics: the first topic: the body، its language، its references، and its developments. The second topic is body language in the performance of the theater actor.
Then the research procedures، which included the research community، the research methodology، the research sample، research tools and the analysis of one sample، which is a play (Arbanah)، and was sealed with results، conclusions، proposals and recommendations، a list of sources، references and summary in English