The Composition of design according to norm renovation in the interior design space


  • Safa Mahmoud Naji University Of Baghdad-College Of Fine Arts



The interior spaces represent a true reflection of the concepts and values ​​of humanity and requirements; were interested in current research ongoing changes that have occurred in those human values ​​and requirements over time, even pat each time warp its values ​​and its own requirements. Those changes, which receive Bdilalha the spaces linked by a renewal which guarantees the interior design of the spaces of sustainability and bio-coordinated. Launched search from an initial perception that those associated with the changes of the spaces through time that have not been subject to examination and supervision, they will constitute a continuing threat of losing the ties with the past under the pretext of modernization and modernity, despite the fact that modernization and modernity itself prerequisite and basis to ensure the progress of society and to secure its needs efficiently, manifested the importance of the field of analysis and synthesis according to the principal innovation in the internal space to ensure communication between the past and the present and the future. the changes taking place in human thought and then extremism and the discrepancy tastes among individuals all communities factors have caused a change in the design structure involving modernization and down towards the renewal and this is what called for research to his address and the importance of renewal concept evolutionary as well as related concepts down to determine the importance of renewal as an influence in building structure design, and by clarifying the behaviors that concept to enable the search to identify the research problem as follows: the lack of an objective formula for how the analysis process are treated and installation according the principle of renewal with the look and the moral values ​​of the inherited design system. The objective of the research: to reach the drafting of a new vision of the concept of analysis, synthesis, according to the principal innovation in contemporary interior space. The second chapter included the theoretical framework that contains the concept of innovation in interior design, renovation of change and evolution in the designs of the interior spaces, renovations between tradition and modernity in interior design. The third chapter has included research procedures in terms of methodology and the research community, and the research sample intentionality, then elected modeling analysis, and finally the fourth quarter included the findings of the search after the analysis process, and then conclusions with suggestions and recommendations



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Mahmoud Naji, S. (2017). The Composition of design according to norm renovation in the interior design space. Al-Academy, (86), 183–200.