Dual-face and mask in the transformations of his performance through the emotion of the actor and the character

حازم عوده صيوان

  • Hazem Odda Sewan College of Fine Arts. University of Baghdad


Child theater was and is still the art of the most investing of masks of all kinds (partial and total) for the purposes of exciting, aesthetic and artistic that are consistent with the requirements of those performances, and here the performance of the actor is linked to two tools, namely the body of the actor and the mask, so it becomes necessary for him to search for the performance transformations required of him to achieve the highest level of performance Proper across this duality,This is what prompted the researcher to address this problem. So he set an objective for his research to identify the transformations of the character's performance between the duality of the body and the mask in child theater performances. His research carried a methodological framework and then a theoretical framework in which it dealt with the dualities of the body and mask, sound and movement, Function and significance. Then he formulated indicators that he adopted criteria for analyzing a sample that is consistent with the limits of his research, and finally he reached the results and conclusions of his research. Among the most important of these is the relationship between the voice and the motor performance of the actor, and a direct link with the nature of the mask he wears and what it suggests to create an integration between the mask’s body and the structure of the voice and motor performance of the character. The study concluded with a list of sources, and a summary in English.