Author Guideline

1- The title of the research: (font size 24 \ Bold)
2- The researcher’s name: (font size 12 \ Bold)
3- The researcher’s affiliation: (font size 10)
4- The researcher's email: (font size 10)
5- The abstract: the number of words not exceeding 150 words: (font size 12)
6- Keywords: not more than six words: (font size 12 /Bold)

- The body of the research: (font size 12)
-Subject titles: (font size 12 / Bold)

- Sheet size: B5.
- font type: Times New Roman.
- Margins: 2.5 cm.
- Page count is 16 as a maximum, and if excess of that, an amount of 5$ per page will be added to the publishing fees.
- The distance between line is 1.0
- The file type is Word 2010 or Higher.
- References are written, using APA style only.
- Pictures, figures, and tables are placed in the body of the research as they are appear, not at the end of the research.
- Pictures are 5cm x 6cm.
Publication fees:
A- Researchers residing inside Iraq:
Publication fees: (125,000) Iraqi dinars to be paid after accepting the research for publication in the journal.
B- Researchers residing outside Iraq:
Publication fee: 200 $, to be paid after the research is accepted for publication in the journal.

• For inquiries, send a message to the Journal via the following e-mail:
[email protected]  

-For more information, you can see the following file Al-Academy_Templet_en.

-The proofreader's declaration is attached to the research priorities, and the declaration can be downloaded from the following link: language safety endorsement en

-Submit the research on the journal’s website from the Submissions link 


Important note:

The average time period from the date of submitting the research to the journal to the date of informing the researcher for acceptance for publication or rejection is not specified, and according to the procedures of the journal, and the accepted research will take its place for publication according to the approved regulations.

If you have any questions, you can contact us on WhatsApp at the following number: 009647700015521