Procedures of Westernization for Legend In Iraqi Theater Show

علاء كريم صاحب-جاسم كاظم عبد


  • ALAA KAREEM SAHIB College of Fine Arts. University of Baghdad
  • Jassim Kazem Abd College of Fine Arts. University of Baghdad



Art of legend was arisen out of pillars of theatre which casts light on those legends that were written to glorify powers and situations surpass level of human beings . So we find that legend was transformed through its doctrine sides over level of concept and realization on field of subjects where by which Greek theatre was founded . As soon as it was adopted by drama art as legendary ritual phenomena with its stories . With that modes of social , spiritual expressions were differentiated within communities , peoples over all different countries and civilizations . This explains us the apparent difference in cases of legends , alike if they were within thoughtful , social or cultural sides between civilizations . Since drama art is mirror of peoples that reduces inside it tribes , rites , religion celebrations and legendary tales . We find significant necessity to research , to uncover mechanisms of construct legend , from another hand to tackle it by some drama directors , who added aesthetic , creative conceptions for their drama shows through two notions which are legend and westernization
Key words : Procedures of Westernization , legend , civilization , Iraqi theatre







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Procedures of Westernization for Legend In Iraqi Theater Show: علاء كريم صاحب-جاسم كاظم عبد. (2020). Al-Academy , 96, 81-98.

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