Cinematic Costumes Between the Function of Publicity and Semiotics Significance


  • Maher Majeed Ibrahim



    The cinematic costume is a qualitative element that transcends the direct function of it. It is an active personality that can become a brand of publicity and transformative signs that dismantle the intellectual system of acts, characters and events and reconstructs them aesthetically. For this reason, the researcher identified the subject of his research with the following address: (cinematic costumes between the function of publicity and Semiotics Significance). The researcher divided the research into the following: The methodological framework. The theoretical framework: The researcher divided it into three topics: the first topic: publicity. Function and concept. The second topic: fashion text and significance. The third topic: the labeling and then sealing the indicators. Then the research procedures: The researcher tackled the research methodology and tools, as well as the analysis unit, the sample of the research, and the sample analysis, which is the American film (Murder on the Orient Express 2017). Depending on the indicators. Then findings and conclusions, and conclude the search with a list of sources







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